“As a Power Architect Company we would like to architect the best power systems and solutions that will help Industries and Utilities to optimize power consumption by reducing the system losses, improving the system performance and reliability; also be a heaven for nurturing and retaining the best talents in the industry”

Core goals

  • Only problems are complex but solutions are simple
  • End user is the key input driver
  • Knowledge thrives with freedom for ideas
  • Business is not just about money
  • Value comes first position matters next

Our experience

Power Electronics
Power Systems
Sales and Marketing
System design
Information Technology
Product development
Management Team

Team ImageInPhase Power is driven by a management of highly skilled individuals with a combined experience of over 65 years in the Power Electronics and Power Quality Industry. The team has an extensive work experience in the flagship companies in Power Electronics India and abroad prior joining to form InPhase Power. The board of advisories for InPhase come from various top notch research industries/institutions like IIT. The unique strength of the management is it’s diverse skills and exposure covering Electronics, Industrial Design, Power Systems, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing. The team strongly values innovation and nurtures it with ultimate focus. The goal is to be an established power quality solution provider effectively helping customers to better use power.

InPhase Power is a manufacturer of Active harmonic filter, Reactive Power Compensation, Passive harmonic filters, Detuned filters and APFC panels. Visit our products page for more details