Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation

What are Harmonics ?

Harmonics currents are include/generated by a system that has non-linear loads. These harmonics flow in the electrical network in addition to the active sinewave generating losses in electrical systems and theramal overload. Harmonics are unwanted frequency components and unbalance in terms of uneven power distribution in a electrical network. InPhase Power has the industry best understanding and capability to analyze, design and establish a good Power Quality management for your Industry.

What is the result of Harmonics ?

Having Harmonics in the system can result as,

  • Increase in energy consumption.
  • Shorter life span of drives and motors.
  • Equipment change
  • Unpredictable break down of drivers, machines lighting systems.
  • Failure of PF correction capacitor.
  • High neutral to ground voltages.
  • Reduced power factor.
  • Over heating of neutral currents in 3p-4w systems

Why to do Harmonic study from InPhase Expert?

InPhase has a deep understanding and passion toward Power Quality. Being a Product company who make our own Power Quality Products we are best empowered to give you the right understanding and solution for your power Quality. We can also not only identify your Problems but also design and deliver the solution for managing your Power Quality.

Our reports are highly automated and the best in class in the Industry. Since we have automated reports we can deliver the report in just a days span from the time the study is complete.

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Why utilities penalise for Harmonics ?

Since the harmonics generated at a particular facility is dumped backed in to the utility grid affecting the providers. In order to discourage this and stabilize their distribution network utilities are imposing penalties.

What is the outcome of a Harmonic Study ?

The Analysis study will give you a picture of the following at your Plant/Facility,

  • System Voltage RMS
  • Load Current RMS
  • Active, Reactive power
  • Frequency in Hz
  • Instantaneous Power Factor PF
  • High neutral to ground voltages.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion THD in Voltage and Current
  • InPhase designed custom solution to manage your power Quality

How can Harmonics be mitigated ?

The first step to mitigate Harmonics is to understand the harmonics. A power quality study can highlight the different kind of harmonics that are  generated and a method to counter it. At InPhase we provide the industry best power quality study to understand how we make the difference.

Good luck with your efforts to mitigate harmonics, we are here to help…!!!

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